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Professionals Need To Wear Silicone Rings Instead Of Metal Rings

There are some professionals who don't wear metal rings for safety reasons.

Gold and silver have conductivity, can cut off circulation, and can cut your skin or leave permanent marks.

For safety and security, silicone rings should be used instead of metal rings by professionals.

In this article, we'll outline the most important ones, explain why, and tell you why silicone is the only solution you'll ever need.

1. Electricians

2. Carpenters

3. Nurses

4. Construction Workers

5. Mechanics

6. Professional Cooks/Chefs

7. Fitness Coaches/Personal Trainers

If you work in a rough profession with many hazards, like construction or nursing, you should avoid wearing metal rings.

These rings are more likely to get caught on things like kitchen counters or tools, which could lead to a serious injury known as ring avulsion. Ring avulsion occurs when the force of pulling your ring off of something is so strong that it pulls your finger out of place and causes it to dislocate from its socket—a condition that could lead to amputation.

Silicone rings are safer than metal because they don’t get caught on these kinds of items in the same way. If you were to get caught on a kitchen countertop as you go to fall, for example, the band would bend and move with your finger, allowing for an injury but also saving your finger in the process.

This is especially important for professionals who work in fields with high risks of ring avulsion: construction workers, nurses and other healthcare professionals.

If you work with your hands every day, it's time to make the switch from metal to silicone.

Metal rings are dangerous in a workplace setting. They can cut, pinch, and burn you if you're not careful—and they can even break loose while you're doing your job.

We've found that silicone rings are the safest option for industrial workers and anyone else who spends their days on-the-job. They're durable, comfortable to wear all day long, and easy to clean after use. And best of all? They don't conduct electricity as metal does!


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